JONATHAN BAKER: Mr. Baker is a retired executive from the custom manufacturing sector, having directed all technical aspects of Production Management, Project Management, Design & Engineering Management, Materials & Production Control Management and Sales Engineering. His accomplishments include increased efficiency in the manufacturing processes, reduced manufacturing lead times and subsequent quality improvement. Mr. Baker holds an engineering degree from the University of Illinois and currently resides in South Florida.

MICHAEL T. BRAUNER: Brauner has over 30 years of executive-level strategic, program and resource development experience in international, national and local nonprofit organizations.
In the international sphere, Mr. Brauner worked with the President`s National Security Council, and the State and Defense Departments on a range of human rights issues related to the former Soviet Union and the “captive” nations. Mr. Brauner also has extensive experience designing and building micro- and macro-economic development and health programs in Latin America.
In Washington D.C., Michael Brauner organized and resourced a national initiative to mobilize colleges, universities, and renowned research laboratories to address math and science education in American high schools. He helped create a consortium of Nobel Laureates, distinguished lecturers, and curriculum specialists to introduce national demonstration projects in secondary math and science education.

In Silicon Valley, Mr. Brauner formed strategic partnerships with high technology companies to launch model systemic workforce development and community stabilization programs. Among others, the list of high technology strategic partners which invested substantial human and financial resources included: Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystems, Intel, Cisco Systems and Apple Computer.

Including public and private resources, Mr. Brauner has been responsible for raising nearly 50 million dollars. He is a published author and novelist.

YONGHUN KIM: Mr. Kim serves as Chief Executive Officer of Power Profit Investment, Ltd. and President of Asia of Newdea, Inc. He is an adviser at BB&R and also to MATIC (Moroccan American Trade and Investment Corporation). Mr. Kim holds leadership in a number of companies including serving as a partner at Planet Blue E & P, Inc. He has held a number of other consultant and advisory positions throughout his career and has been very active in promoting Korean-US relations during the past decade. Mr. Kim also serves as a board member of Newdea, as well as a board member of EDC, RediFone and TIP Solutions, Inc. He is a graduate of West Point and served in the US Army. He studied classics at the University of Texas in Austin.

LARRY STRIGGLES: Larry served over 23 years as Senior Accountant for the Housing Finance Authority of Broward County where he was responsible for the oversight and preparation of multiple financial statements and information technology enhancements for the agency with over one billion of revenue bonds issued. Larry was primarily responsible for overall activities to ensure integrity of financial statements, operational budgets, and investment portfolio review and analyses. He also evaluated, developed and initiated revisions in established accounting systems, procedures, records and controls. Larry established budgeting systems and procedures to monitor actual performance against budget ensuring all risks are identified, reported and mitigated in accordance with internal policies and communicated to management for cost-savings or profit maximization. Position reviews LOC and wire transfer transactions, reconciliation of investment portfolio, and monitor movement of investment funds at maturity to repurchase through accounting system entry. He prepared and distributed monthly financial statements and investment reports to HFA Board of Directors, Senior Management and professional team and ensured all reports and disclosures complied with applicable governmental standards, professional standards, and organizational policies.

Larry has a Bachelor Degree of Science in Accounting from Florida State University. He is married with two grown children.

DONALD C. BENNETT, Advisor to the Board of Directors since August 2011, founded Bennett Bolt Works, Inc. in 1972 where he recently retired as its President and Chief Operating Officer. Don attended Cooper Union School of Engineering, and served as artillery and guided missile officer in the U.S. Army during the Korean conflict. Mr. Bennett is a member of many professional associations, including the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, the American Road and Transportation Builder’s Association, and a task force of the Association of General Contractors Joint Committee on New Highway Materials. Mr. Bennett has more than 40 years’ experience in the public markets including advising multiple public companies on their growth, expansion and marketing plans as they introduced various products to international markets.