We are a holding company that operates dynamic, primarily growth-oriented, proprietary software businesses. The companies we own, in whole or in part, are at various stages of development, ranging from established, cash generating businesses to early stage development companies.

We intend to assist with the growth and development of our businesses, with the goal of maximizing their value, improving the market’s understanding of these businesses, and exposing these businesses to a pool of international investors, based on each business’ industry and development stage.

Additionally, as we continue to grow and develop our primary businesses, we intend to provide our shareholders with direct access to these businesses when we believe it is in the best interests of our shareholders based on company-specific factors, market conditions and other relevant information.

As we execute our strategy, we will operate under disciplined capital allocation principles designed to promote the growth and development of our primary businesses, maximize value for our shareholders and ensure the prudent use of our capital. For example, we will refrain from investing in any new ventures outside of our existing businesses, we do not intend to materially “cross-allocate” proceeds received in connection with distributions from, or sales of our interests in, any of our businesses, among our businesses, and we intend to return such proceeds to our shareholders or make payments on our outstanding indebtedness.